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Driving Revenue Growth Amid Competition

More and more, healthcare organizations must strategically invest in their service lines to stay competitive. Strategies include adding new programs/services and revamping how you work, and Xenio has the right tools to move your organization to the next level. When you invest in:

  • Bidirectional integration with your EMR, your realized ROI is improved staff efficiency
  • Real-time insurance eligibility and benefits verification, your realized ROI is near-zero claim rejections
  • Real-time co-pay and deductible estimates, your realized ROI is increased time-of-service collections
  • Digitized pre-arrival document completion, both clinical and demographic, your realized ROI is reduced wait times
Illustration of a laptop computer with plants with dollar signs for flowers, and a rising chart line, to demonstrate revenue growth.

Strengthen Communication With Patients

Today’s patients want to take a more active role in their health care, including taking ownership of their choices and creating care plans in partnership with their health providers. Patient engagement is at the heart of everything we do. When you invest in:

  • Targeted condition-specific educational content to patients — wherever they are, your realized ROI is well-informed patients and growth in reimbursable patient engagement services
  • Preventive care counseling using diagnosis-specific videos, your realized ROI is reduction in unnecessary (and costly) hospital readmissions
  • Patient-specific time-of-service communication, your realized ROI is delighted, more satisfied — and engaged  patients
Illustration of man at desk working on a computer to demonstrate communication with patients.

Proactively Address Care Gaps

Two of the biggest challenges in addressing care gaps is identifying patients (and their eligibility) and automating your outreach. With Xenio, challenges become opportunities and opportunities mean better patient outcomes and increased revenues. When you invest in:

  • Patient data integration across clinical, operational, and financial systems, your realized ROI is increased care gap identification resulting in 30%+ revenue growth
  • Rules-based, customizable care gap identification and alerts, your realized ROI is better management of chronic diseases and improved patient outcomes
  • An interactive, customized clinical dashboards, your realized ROI is patient-specific, automated preventive service delivery
Illustration of computer monitor with various actions encircling it to represent analytics, intake documents, communication, and medical records, used to identify gaps in patient care.

Integrate Remote Patient Monitoring

Traditional healthcare systems are not designed to easily support remote patient monitoring, and one of the biggest roadblocks to implementation is integration. Xenio solves both. When you invest in:

  • Xenio’s rising-risk patient dashboard, your realized ROI is extraordinary level of patient engagement, a reduction in avoidable readmissions, and improvement in outcomes
  • Xenio’s rising-risk patient dashboard + rules-based alerts, your realized ROI is streamlined staff alerts and on-the-fly team response
  • Telemedicine with insurance processing for scheduled or on-demand care, your realized ROI is 30%+ growth in reimbursable patient encounters and reduced in-office overhead
Illustration of a smartphone with medical elements around it demonstrating remote patient monitoring.
Clean, stark medical office representing efficiency in patient intake management.
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